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After 35 years of owning and operating Dave’s Towing Service, Inc. in Stockton, California, owner David Barton realized there was a towing tool missing in his toolbox– The Driveline Buddy. With that in mind, and knowing he wanted to come up with a safer way to pull a driveline, David, during routine conversations with his team, noticed a common theme often arose; it was always difficult to pull the driveline of a truck, it had to be tied up then secured, oftentimes stored, and each truck offered a different challenge than the last. These conversations prompted David to create a tool for his drivers that would offer them a quick and safe solution to the problem: The Driveline Buddy.

The perfect driveline securing device. The Driveline Buddy components consist of; a driveline suspender bar, cradle, T-hook, and rope ratchet. This ensures the safety of the driveline and gets the job effectively and properly done. With more than 35 years in the industry, David is passionate about exceeding expectations with this convenient invention. Each tool is made carefully by hand in our shop in Stockton. On any given day you can witness David and Kim producing the next shipment of Driveline Buddies.

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Office: (209) 401-0069
Fax: (209) 469-3629
Address: 3853 Duck Creek Drive Stockton, CA 95215
Email: info@drivelinebuddy.com
Hours: Monday - Friday: 9am-5pm



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