Josh Spear — April 6, 2017

I am now a believer in the driveline buddy. I didn’t have to use it on this tow but I wanted to try it out…and I’m sold. It’s fast and easy. I didn’t know the bar was spring loaded making it quick it to attach to the frame. No more wrestling a shaft up in a corner and chaining or strapping it Its fast, and keeps you cleaner. I unbolted the shaft and let it drop into the loop I already hung around it. Used the supplied quick pull ratchet strap dropped the attachment in between the universal and shaft and pulled it tight so it cant slide out of the slip yoke. Any way I’m sold and I highly recommend. I was skeptical at first.

Tim Rines — July 20, 2017

I just ordered mine after using a co-workers. No more hurt backs, pulled muscles, or unhappy customers because I don’t want to reinstall. This is the best thing to hit the towing market in a long time.

Clay Worl — August 11, 2017

Lightweight and was surprised how quick and easy it was to install no more resting drive lines on my shoulder.

Randall Hartz Jr. — December 9, 2016

Used mine for the first time today. It worked flawlessly, and was so easy to install. Great product.

Bob Jackson — April 28, 2017


Mike Rappaport — May 11, 2017

GREAT PRODUCT! Winner of the TOW TANK Contest and everyone I see that uses the product is Blown Away! Keep up the Great Work.